About Me

My professional and academic experience has made me uniquely suited to work with aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, families and closely-held businesses. 

Throughout my career, I have honed the necessary skills for building relationships, gathering consensus, managing expectations, mitigating risks and resolving conflict. 


My academic studies include undergraduate work at Cornell University and Columbia University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and economics. My rigorous undergraduate program opened the door for acceptance into the Boston University School of Law where I earned the Juris Doctor degree in 2006. While still in law school, I was fortunate to have clerked for a full year for the Honorable Judge Juan R. Torruella of the First Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.


· Boston University School of Law - Juris Doctor  2006

· Columbia University / Columbia College - Bachelor of Arts 2001




Always relishing the opportunity to learn and grow, I have been working since 17 years old. I graduated from stock clerk to warehouse manager of a tech export company, from office assistant to associate general manager for a media holding company, from administrative coordinator to director of compliance for a real estate development firm – all while earning my degrees and building a family.

I founded my practice in 2015. I am pleased to have taken my hard work and a unique blend of legal and pragmatic business experiences and put them to use serving the needs of my clients. I find it tremendously rewarding to work behind the scenes of corporations, small businesses and families in my community. In many ways, we all lead multiple lives that include the care of loved ones, securing a fruitful home life and achieving our personal and professional goals. All of these things require a solid financial foundation that includes a good place to live and a positive source of income. My work helps people build a strong foundation and prosper in all facets of their lives.